Khans Speculation by Jim Parenti

With this new set comes new possibilities.  This includes a change in game format, deck construction, and fresh events.

On top of the new set, we have a surprising, but not unexpected, reprint of the Onslaught Fetch Lands.

As for tournaments, there have been mixed reactions to the new semi-annual rotation.  The downside is that the card pool just before rotation will be somewhat smaller.  This is subjective, as it depends on the number of reprints that Wizards produces for the new sets.  At its low point, standard constructed will have four sets of cards to choose from.

There is no difference from the current rotation.   At its maximum, there will be six sets for players to choose from.

The positives are that UNLIKE the current rotation, the new format will offer a shorter life-span for a number of constructed decks.  Often, towards an end of a cycle, we will see one or two preferred decks emerge as top contenders.

These will be the primary decks used at most tournaments, at this point, standard becomes tedious.  This will no longer be the case as more inventive decks will emerge due to the rapid rotation. Players will have to think on their feet more.

For Limited play, there is no question that the new rotation has nothing but positives. Most players are weary of a block by the time the third set comes out.   There is little excitement after nine months of playing with the same card abilities.

As for value, Khans, should see a fervor that surpasses RTR. The reprint of Fetch Lands already has a buzz in the Magic world far beyond what we’ve seen in years.

I anticipate this set being opened by investors more than any I have seen in some time.

Unfortunately, this will lead to shortages and stores running out of product from time to time.  Let’s hope that Wizards has manufactured enough product in anticipation of their reprint.

Now Limited will be so much more refreshing.

All the best,

Jim Parenti, Owner San Diego Games and Comics