Ultimate Masters Booster Draft !!

Format: MMA / MM2 / EMA Swiss
(Yes, 1 Pack of each)
Sunday the 26th at 1 pm
Cost: $50 cash / cc only.
Prizes : $5 per person into the pool, standard swiss payout by record. (This is near the cost of the product, actually, so there is not a lot of room. Doing this to have the ultimate draft experience)
Reservations are available and are recommended. There is room for only 24 players in this event.
Reservations are available by calling the store at 858-566-0506. Please do not message here or PM for reservations as it may not be seen. Payment is not needed until the day of the event or if it fills. At that time, we will contact players for verification to hold their spots.


StarCityGames Game Night x2

SCG Game Night is held twice a week at Artifex:

-Friday 6:45 pm FNM Standard Swiss

Untitled - 12


-Sunday 1:00 pm Standard Swiss

Untitled - 12

During these events, additional prizes are added to our already great 100%+ prize payouts (to all even or better win/loss records).

If you do not get into top 8, don’t worry. There are even door prizes for a couple of lucky players. SCG Creature Collection Prizes are:

1st Place: First Choice of Playmat, Sleeves or Pin + SCG Monthly Token

2nd Place: Second Choice of Playmat, Sleeves or Pin + SCG Monthly Token

3rd – 8th Place: SCG Monthly Token

Door Prizes (random drawing) for 2 players: SCG Creature Collection Pin, Remaining Choice of Playmat, Sleeves or Pin

Remember, these are in ADDITION to our regular swiss prize payouts (to all players will even or better win/loss records). Note: Players must be present to win random door prizes. If a player does not claim a door prize after 2 minutes, a new player will be chosen.

Untitled - 7

New Modern Plus Staples Weekly Events

We’ve decided to spice up our weekday Modern events with even more prizes. Now, harder to get staples and awesome foils will be available for both high ranking players as well as door prizes. Check each week to see which cards will be available. This week’s cards will be:

Wednesday 6:30 comming soon